feastoffridaysIt’s been really hot and humid here lately.  At the end of these long hot summer days, the last thing we want for supper is something that requires the heating of the oven.

We’ve been having all kinds of green salads for supper, and they suit us just fine!

This time of year, our selections of fresh greens are fabulous; the Farmer’s Markets are going strong, and we can put together a lovely big salad for not much money at all.

And what do we “dress” our hot summer night salads with?

We use our favorite Texas Pepper Jellies instead of salad dressing!  Seriously, it’s DELICIOUS!

My husband put Peach Habanero on his salad, and my son swirled some Pineapple over his.  I keep the pepper jellies in the refrigerator, and the cold hotness was soooo good on those fresh greens!

Really, it’s all a person needs for supper in this weather.

Sometimes it ‘s the simplest things that are the best.

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