whatscookinwednesdayTexas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy Subs are the PERFECT SUPERBOWL MEAL!  Make ’em up ahead of time and pile them on a tray!

Truthfully, you can put whatever you want on these scrumptious spicy subs, but this is how my husband likes his:


extra-big submarine buns (hot dog buns for the little kids)

Texas pepper jelly of your choice – I use several kinds for his pile o’ subs

sliced deli meats, or a variety of lunch meat

sliced cheese, all kinds


pickles – whatever kind your family prefers





What to do:

There’s a knack to sandwich-building, you know.  Everybody builds a sandwich differently, but the one universal rule is: put the condiment sauces on first.  In this case, spread the pepper jelly on both sides of the buns (inside, of course) before starting to build.  The bun is the foundation, and the pepper jelly is both perfection-maker and the “glue” that helps your sandwich’s innards stay put.  🙂

After that step, start piling.  Then, start eating.

All you need is a few dozen bags of chips to go with Texas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy Subs.  The sandwich itself is a work of art AND a delicious, nutritious, fantastic meal.

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