Whether you are hosting or attending a BBQ one of the main thoughts is ‘what will we do for sides?’ You have the meat sorted, but what makes a great side that will be talked about and enjoyed?

Simple salads with lettuce topped with fresh veggies are always a great go-to but they can be a bit mundane. How about kicking it up a notch with a corn salad, a broccoli apple salad or a tomato and cucumber concoction that is fresh tasting and pretty to look at? There are also watermelon salads in different styles, try it with watermelon cubes and feta cheese or make a watermelon fruit salad that’s cool and colorful. Truthfully, any combination of ingredients will make a beautiful looking salad, and for something a little bit different you can mix your ingredients with Greek yogurt for a take on the creamy salad.

We all know that it is getting trendy to grill your veggies, and some fruits along with your meat, heck, watermelon ham is a thing. (!) But seriously a great tasty side is grilled Brussel’s sprouts, put on a skewer for ease of handling and grill away. As a side these would be tasty with a Mayocue dip. Grilled potatoes are also a great summer side. Grill potatoes in a tin foil ‘boat’ and you can open them up once soft and stuff with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, the list goes on.

Who doesn’t like deep fried pickles? Make your own with the oven fried variety and people can eat them like chips (if you cut them into circles) or fries if you cut them lengthways. Speaking of cut vegetables, another awesome side is veggie cups. Simply put your favorite salad dressing or dip in the bottom of a plastic cup and then slide your cut up veggies in. Colorful, easy to handle and all in one. Perfect.

Getting back to the fruit but in keeping with the easy to handle and eat vibe, try fruit sparklers, essentially, you’re making fireworks on a stick, so blueberries or grapes make the stem and watermelon, or cantaloupe cut into stars sits on the top.  Easy clean up too and no need of a bowl and spoon to enjoy.

Cornbread, grilled corn, corn on the cob (are you sensing a theme here?) are all great sides to a classic BBQ and what BBQ would be complete without a bean dish? Bacon baked beans (try switching out your usual sauce for BBQ sauce) and cowboy salsa are great additions to any backyard grilling party.

Whatever your meat, make sure you don’t forget the awesome sides; they will be colorful, flavorful and leave your guests wanting more. Happy Grilling and Happy ‘Siding’ too!


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