If you want to give someone a Christmas gift that is absolutely unique, and that he/she will not only like, but will also use and want more, I would have to suggest one of our Texas Pepper Jelly sampler tins.

Our sampler tins are beautiful and their contents are DELICIOUS! The tins themselves are, of course, completely recyclable. After you’ve devoured the pepper jelly within, fill the tin with fudge and take it to work. Tell everybody about the original contents, and watch the interest light up their faces!

Texas Pepper Jelly holiday tins contain six 2-ounce jars of assorted pepper jelly. In fact, you get to choose what kind of pepper jelly that will be in your tin: get any kind of assortment you want, or choose the one kind of pepper jelly that is your favorite! Since I like ALL kinds of pepper jelly, I’d have to get one of each, but you can pick and choose whatever kind you want.

Our Texas Pepper Jelly holiday tins are only $22.97. Where else can you get a quality sampler assortment for a price like that?

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