texaspepperjellytipsTomorrow is Black Friday at most stores; lines started forming even before midnight!  People set their alarm clocks for 3 a.m., so they could bundle up and stand in long, cold lines for hours and hours, trying to score that perfect, unique, and desired gift for someone.

Texas Pepper Jelly has a better idea!  In fact, this idea comes straight from the big boss himself: Craig Sharry, and it’s a really, really GOOD idea!  Here, directly from the Texas Pepper Jelly website, is Craig’s message:

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  According to most retail reports it is the biggest shopping day of the year.  It is a time that you can save a lot of money thanks to the large discounts that are offered.  The trick to this is you have to be willing to brave the massive crowds to take advantage on most specials that are offered.  Along with that you have to fight traffic, spend more on fuel and run to a dozen different stores looking for that special gift for someone.
Texas Pepper Jelly takes you away from all of that.  Just shop from home where it is comfortable.  You can have that second cup of coffee, wear your slippers and rest easy knowing that you have found the perfect gift for the person that is so hard to buy for.
Here at Texas Pepper Jelly we want  to get in on the Black Friday craze and give our customers the chance to save money just like the big stores.  For one day we will be offering a a 20% discount on every item that we sell.  All you have to do is use the coupon code word “black”.  It is that easy.  When you are ready to check out just type the word “black” in the coupon code box and you will receive a 20% discount off your order.  What a deal.  And you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home.
But remember, this is for one day only.  On Friday November 27, you can save 20% off on all of our merchandise.  So do not waste any more time.  Order your Christmas gifts today.

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As always thank you for shopping at Texas Pepper Jelly.

Until next month,

Craig Sharry

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