crockpotpepperjellyThere’s nothing like a crock-pot meal on a cold, snowy winter night!  Cold weather really brings out our appetites in full force, but most of us work all day and really don’t have time to put a real home-cooked meal on the table very often.  That’s where your crock-pot, or slow-cooker (kinda depends on where you live as to what you call it!) can be not only a labor-saving device, but also a way to make sure your family has a good, hot, nutritious meal.

People make fun of meat loaf, but the truth is, most people like a good meat loaf once in a while.  This recipe for spicy crockpot meat loaf is indeed that timesaver as well as that good, hot, nutrious supper.

IF there are any leftovers, they make a delicious sandwich for your lunch the next day.  IF there is any left over.  Don’t count on it. . . .


1 pounds lean ground beef (mix some sausage in with it if you wish)

2 eggs

1 cup coarsely crushed corn chips

1/3 cup Texas Habanero Salsa, plus another four tablespoons of salsa

1/3 cup shredded cheese (I use taco-flavored cheese, but any kind works.)

2/3 cup chopped onion

What to do:

In a large bowl, mix all of the above ingredients except the onions and additional salsa.  Use your hands; mix it thoroughly.

Shape into a loaf and place it in your crock pot.  I like to take a small colander, turn it upside down, place it in the crockpot and put the meatloaf on top of it so the loaf won’t sit in its own grease while baking.  This tends to make a drier loaf, though, so you should cater to your family’s preferences.

Put the remaining salsa over the meatloaf; sprinkle the onions over it.

Turn your crockpot on “Low” and go to work.  When you get home, 8 or so hours later, the main part of your family’s supper is ready.  Remove the meatloaf from the crockpot and set aside; often, a meatloaf needs a little “settling” time before it’s served.

Throw together a few side dishes and sit down to a lovely cold-weather supper.

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