feastoffridaysI made this sandwich – one of my husband’s FAVORITE sandwiches! – for the little neighbor girls when I was watching them for a few hours last week.  I wasn’t sure they would appreciate the habanero, but apparently they’ve been raised right, because both little girls loved it!  They called me on the phone that night and thanked me for the “corny sammich.”  We liked their name for Tim’s sandwich so much, that’s what we call it now.  Yes, people do giggle, but after they taste the corny sammich, they’ll be asking for one, too.


Several slices of corned beef, fairly thin (unless you prefer it thick.)

Kaiser rolls – one for each sammich

Swiss cheese – two slices per sammich

Mandarin Orange Habanero Pepper Jelly

What To Do:

Spread the pepper jelly on both slices of bread and stack the other ingredients according to your taste. Sometimes, my husband is in the mood for Muenster cheese on it, and sometimes he wants Swiss.  Who knows what he’ll want on it tomorrow?  🙂

Sometimes I toast the bread and sometimes I don’t.  Tim likes this sammich on rye bread sometimes, too.

He’s a huge fan of Reuben sandwiches, but he did not care for the combination of saurkraut and Mandarin orange.  However, this doesn’t rule out the other flavors!  He does love to be adventurous with his sammiches.

I am not a big corned beef fan, so I use ham on my sammich.  Mandarin Orange Habanero pepper jelly and ham, together with Swiss cheese on whole wheat. . . . . Be still, my heart.  It’s good for all that leftover turkey, too, if you still have some.  We don’t.  Tim used it all on his sammiches.