There’s no chicken like chicken grilled to perfection, and perfect chicken is exactly what you’ll get when you use Texas Pepper Jelly’s fabulous and delicious Bird Bath.

For those of you who like it hotter, we have Mango or Peach Mango Bird Bath WITH habaneros, and for those of you who prefer a milder blend, there’s our Peach Mango sweet WITHOUT peppers flavor. Something for everybody!

It is good for so many things, too. As a marinade, you’ll find nothing better. As a glaze, it beautifies the meat as it enhances the flavor. As an additive to various other sauces, such as BBQ, you will not BELIEVE the difference it makes!

Don’t think for a moment that just because this product is called Bird Bath that it’s limited to chicken, either. It makes almost any kind of meat better – use it on ribs, beef, lamb. . . anything you can grill is better with some Texas Pepper Jelly’s Bird Bath on it.

It’s an extra-good dippin’ sauce, too!