Top Ten Valentine’s Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Top 10 in red with heart in zero valentines day gift ideas for texas pepper jelly

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for the BBQ Lover in Your Life If you didn’t get the BBQ lover in your life everything they wanted for Christmas, now’s your chance to shower them with Valentine’s Day gifts, aka love and grillin’ goodies. The best part is it’s a win-win; they get the tools for cooking […]

Valentine’s Pitch-In: Berry Medley Cheese Ball

I’m going to a Valentine’s Day party on Saturday night; it’s a pitch-in, and I”m bringing Texas Pepper Jelly’s Berry Medley Cheese balls! I’ve made this before to bring to pitch-ins and it’s always really popular. My husband is, every time, upset that there is never any left over for him to munch on the […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Wishes Y’all A Spicy & Warm Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Texas Pepper Jelly! Remember: the heart is warmed by many things, and one of those things is delicious spicy food. So many ordinary recipes can be made extraordinary with a simple addition of a Texas Pepper Jelly product, you know. Stir some into your coffee, or cocoa. Add a dollop to […]

Texas Clusters: Spicy, Nutty, & Chocolate-y – Valentine’s Day!

Texas Pepper Jelly Chocolate cluster in broken pieces on table and pink hearts in corner of image

Texas Chocolate Cluster For Your Valentine Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so why not share a spicy-sweet chocolatey treat with those you love best? Anybody can waltz into a store and buy Valentine candy, so your homemade Texas Clusters will be a truly unique gift, and since you’re making them yourself, they’ll be a genuine gift […]

Spicy Texas Rock Candy for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the day above all other days when it’s cool to be HOT. (Make of that whatever you will!) Texas Pepper Jelly’s recipe for Spicy Texas Rock Candy is certainly hot. It’s also certainly delicious, and while it takes a little time to make, it’s more than worth the time! Why not make […]

Heat Up Valentine’s Day with Texas Pepper Jelly

Valentine’s Day is Saturday.  That’s THIS COMING SATURDAY, in case any of you have lost track of time and still don’t have a gift for your beloved. Why give an ordinary gift, though, when you can give something different, something EXTRAordinary, something that’s genuinely HOT?! Might I suggest:  Fix a romantic candlelight dinner for two, […]

Something From Texas Pepper Jelly for Valentine’s Day?

For Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to give a gift that’s hot, and sweet, and warms the cockles of the heart. That’s a perfect description of Texas Pepper Jelly! But which kind would your sweetheart like best? The answer to that might be: the one he/she gets to CHOOSE. Give him/her a Texas Pepper Jelly gift […]

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