Texas Tips: Spicy Applesauce

Here’s a quick and easy snack for anyone of any age! Just put a little Apple Cinnamon Grilling and Finishing Sauce in your applesauce, and you’ve turned an ordinary snack into a real treat. There’s no measuring; just add the sauce according to your taste.  For small children, go easy on the spicy sauce, but […]

Texas Tip: Spicy Holiday Dressings

Thanksgiving is only a month away!  Some of us are already starting to plan our menus. This year, I’m jazzing up the dressing a notch by adding  some Texas Pepper Jelly’s grilling and finishing sauces to the mix.  Dressing is delicious with apples, so it stands to reason it will be even better with Apple […]

Texas Tip: Zingy Bloody Mary

Shhh, don’t tell my mama that I’m giving you this hint! But, the next time you fix yourself a Bloody Mary, add a few squirts of Texas Habanero Salsa to it. You’ll never drink a plain Bloody Mary again, and that’s a promise. It’s FANTASTIC!

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