Cabbage Steaks, Texas Style!

Hearty Cabbage Steaks; Not Only for Vegans Cabbage steaks seem to be quite the trendy meal right now – different recipes for cabbage steaks are all over Facebook and Pinterest, and the variations are all over the place. Awesome. The best cabbage steaks, however, are to be found right here at Texas Pepper Jelly. Our […]

Texas Style Football Food!

Texas Style Football Food! It’s football time, and when there’s a football game on TV, there has to be plenty of awesome football food with arm’s reach! Texas Pepper Jelly has so many recipes for awesome sports food – easy-to-make recipes for wonderful, delicious snacks, main dishes, sides, sandwiches, and anything you can name. Just […]

Onion Rings – Texas Style!

Crispy Spicy Onion Rings: Fan Faves That Are Downright Tasty There’s nothing as good as a pile of crispy, spicy onion rings on a big platter! We are talking about an appetizer, a side dish for dinner, snack time, game time; anytime, even on the go, is a good time to eat onion rings. Let’s […]

Traditional Deviled Eggs Turned Texas Style

Deviled eggs with Texas Pepper Jelly Rib Candy Blog image for recipe

Traditional Deviled Eggs Turned Texas Style What’s a picnic, family get-together, holiday meal, or outdoor barbecue without deviled eggs? There is just something about a tray of lovely gold-and-white deviled eggs. With just a glance, the little appetizers kind of sum up summer all on their own! They are usually nice and cold. And definitely […]

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