It’s New Year’s Day 2019

I like to repost this every year, because even though Hoppin’ John and Skippin’ Jenny are old fashioned, yet still traditional, foods that people eat on New Year’s Day and the day after for generations, and these foods are still delicious! For those of us who live in the South, Hoppin’ John is a traditional […]

It’s Football Season! That Means Football FOOD!

It’s Football Season and Time For Dips It’s time to start thinking about the food for your enthusiastic crew and getting your ingredients together. Football season is about more than the game, remember. It’s also about the FOOD, and we all know that football fans like their football food as much as they like their […]

Reuben Croquettes for St. Patrick’s Day! (Or Any Other Day!)

Traditional Irish Reuben Croquette Recipe For Your Family March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, so here’s a traditional Irish recipe for your family to enjoy. These Reuben Croquettes are just about to go into the oven – once they’re baked, they’ll be brown and toasty-looking on the outside. On the inside, they’re soft and spicy […]

Irish Colcannon – Texas Style!

There’s a traditional Irish folk song called Colcannon, which is about a traditional dish often associated with St. Patrick’s Day. It goes like this: “Did you ever eat Colcannon, made from lovely pickled cream? With the greens and scallions mingled like a picture in a dream. Did you ever make a hole on top to […]

Texas Style Fried Green Tomatoes

I love to make fried green tomatoes for my mom; it’s one of her favorite dishes. I used to make them regular southern-style, but now I make them Texas style. It’s easy, and so good. Mom doesn’t want them any other way now. Ingredients: One large green tomato, the kind grown to fry, not just […]

Labor Day 2017, Texas Pepper Jelly Style!

It’s here! The biggest cookout weekend of the year! Labor Day weekend is often the weekend for the last, biggest, and best cookout! We invite friends, family, and everybody in the neighborhood to come break bread and grill meat with us. Hurricane Harvey notwithstanding, I hope you ordered your Texas Pepper Jelly products in time […]

Hurricane Harvey Has Affected Us

Customers, Hurricane Harvey has affected us in the area of shipping. Please continue to place your orders with us and we will get them sent out to you absolutely as soon as possible. Thank you for your loyalty and patience! Here is a letter from our CEO, Craig Sharry: TPJ Customers: We are able to […]

Every Chef Needs A Good Knife!

Even a backyard chef needs a good knife, and at Texas Pepper Jelly, you can order the best! We carry Messermeister knives, and I highly recommend them. Never try to cut or slice in any kind of kitchen, indoors our out, with a dull, inferior knife. A Messermeister knife will last a lifetime, and its […]

Texas Tacos!

We love taco night! And with a little Texas Pepper Jelly, those ordinary tacos become a taste sensation! One of these bowls contains some Apricot Habanero Pepper Jelly. Just a little dab turns a basic taco into a taste sensation. My family loves Taco Night, and they also love to vary the flavor of the […]