Grilling Season is Officially Here!

Spring weather is unpredictable, but the calendar doesn’t lie: Spring is definitely here. Uncover your outdoor grill, clean off the winter crud, and let the sun shine on it. Yes, Spring is here, and it’s time to order grilling supplies, the most important of which are, of course, the products you can only get from […]

Texas Football Food: Spicy 15-Bean Soup!

Couch quarterbacks really work up an appetite, as we all know quite well, and there’s nothing like a hearty soup to help keep up their strength for all that cheering and enthusiasm. Texas Pepper Jelly’s spicy 15-bean soup is the perfect food for your football fans. It’s so easy to make, and so delicious, and […]

Football Food: Awesome Sandwiches!

Your hungry football couch quarterbacks are going to want some substantial food, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s thick, spicy meatloaf sandwiches are perfect! Everybody loves a meat loaf sandwich; we usually use leftover meatloaf, but why wait until the meatloaf is left over to make an awesome sandwich out of it? My husband loves meatloaf sandwiches […]

Labor Day Weekend Is Here!

It’s here! The biggest cookout weekend of the year! Labor Day weekend is often the weekend for the last, biggest, and best cookout! We invite friends, family, and everybody in the neighborhood to come break bread and grill meat with us. I hope you ordered your Texas Pepper Jelly products in time and that you’ve […]

Labor Day Cookout? Sweet Grilled Corn in the Husk!

It’s Labor Day Weekend, cookout fans! This is one of the BIG ONES, so you’ll want your cookout to be extra special. Summer’s almost over, so let’s make sure it goes out with a backyard bang. Gather up all the fresh summer vegetables you can, and let’s make this Labor Day cookout a gala success. […]

On Father’s Day, We Grill Outside!

We’re assuming something, but we think it’s true – if ever there was ever an “official” day to grill out, it would be Father’s Day, wouldn’t it! Fourth of July comes in a close second, but we’ll get to THAT holiday in a minute. The forecast here for Sunday,June 15, is partly cloudy; in other […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: Crockpot Whole Chicken!

Craig’s BBQ Sauce, which is winning awards all over Texas, is quite possibly the best barbecue sauce out there. It’s perfect on chicken, pork, beef, lamb. . . any kind of meat, really. And you can use it on any cut of meat, as well – ribs, steaks, hamburgers, whole chickens. . . . Craig’s […]

Texas Tip: Spicy Holiday Dressings

Thanksgiving is only a month away!  Some of us are already starting to plan our menus. This year, I’m jazzing up the dressing a notch by adding  some Texas Pepper Jelly’s grilling and finishing sauces to the mix.  Dressing is delicious with apples, so it stands to reason it will be even better with Apple […]

Something From Texas Pepper Jelly for Valentine’s Day?

For Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to give a gift that’s hot, and sweet, and warms the cockles of the heart.  That’s a perfect description of Texas Pepper Jelly! But which kind would your sweetheart like best?  The answer to that might be: the one he/she gets to CHOOSE.  Give him/her a Texas Pepper Jelly gift […]