What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Southwest Meets Paris

Life is full of coincidences! I was chatting with my friend, who happened to mention that she LOVES Texas Pepper Jelly.  I told her that I wrote for Texas Pepper Jelly, and she was amazed at the irony of it! Tammy discovered Texas Pepper Jelly because of the free sample signup from several months back.  […]

My Texas Pepper Jelly Is Here! Yay!

My newest batch of Texas Pepper Jelly arrived today, and would you LOOK at this GORGEOUS TIN!!!!! I got to choose the kinds of pepper jelly inside, too.  I think this is one of the greatest things about the Texas Pepper Jelly gift page: we get to CHOOSE what kind of product we want with […]

Personal Message From The Texas Pepper Jelly Big Boss

Fellow pepper jelly fans, Nothing is easier to use than Texas Pepper Jelly.  It doesn’t matter if you lick if from a spoon or use it as a glaze on ribs: the bottom line is, it is simple and tastes great. One of the biggest uses is as an appetizer.  Simply spoon over a block […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Presents: The MagnaBloc Pro!

  Texas Pepper Jelly has more than just pepper jelly, you know.  We also sell those fantastic Messermeister knives, and some accessories for those knives, as well. The MagnaBloc Pro is made of solid beech or bamboo and has strong magnets inside.  It is an excellent and innovative way to store your good knives, and […]

Texas Pepper Jelly: Pepper Jelly and Cutlery and Giveaways, Oh My!

Don’t forget to enter the Texas Pepper Jelly Giveaway!!! Remember, we give stuff away all the time!  Check this blog daily so you don’t miss out. Texas Pepper Jelly has more than pepper jelly, you know.  We also offer our customers Messermeister Premier German Cutlery! Messermeister Cutlery has been around for over a century, but […]

More Fantastic Giveaways from Texas Pepper Jelly!

Remember those posts where I told you to keep watching this blog because Texas Pepper Jelly has giveaways all the time? Well, it’s that time again!  And this is a big one, readers! Each person who comments below and tells us how much they’d love to try Texas Pepper Jelly and why, gets a free […]

Holiday Gift Suggestions from Texas Pepper Jelly!

The holidays will soon be here, believe it or not; yes, it’s THAT TIME once again: time to be thinking about gifts for the people you love best.  Of course, you could give the gift of socks and underwear again, but why would you? Is that what you’re hoping everybody gives YOU?  I bet it’s […]

Texas Pepper Jelly GIVEAWAY! FREE!!

Welcome to the Texas Pepper Jelly blog!  Would you like to have info about our fantastic Texas Pepper Jelly products right in your inbox? It’s easy! Just go to our Texas Pepper Jelly sign-up page and follow the super-easy directions. Do it right now so you can start receiving our FREE monthly newsletter, which is […]

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