Game Winning Super Bowl Recipes

Hot Texas pepper jelly spinach dip in a wooden bowl on a wooden background

Game Winning Super Bowl Recipes Ready for football’s biggest game of the year? If you’re looking for some easy-to-make super bowl recipes that’ll rack up points with football fans we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re tailgating or sitting at home watching the game, these recipes are a sure bet in our playbook. Enjoy! Spicy Sloppy […]

Football Sunday Food: Texas-Style Cheesy Chicken Dip! (Crockpot Style!)

Dutch oven with Cheesy Chicken dip TPJ recipe

Why Chicken Dips Are The Superbowl Secret Ingredient Your super football Sunday couch quarterbacks are going to need food, and plenty of it. Get out your crockpot, grab some bread, veggies, or chips and make some dips, easy-peasy style. Remember, you can’t have too many dips at your super football party, and that’s not even […]

Football Food: Awesome Sandwiches!

Your hungry football couch quarterbacks are going to want some substantial food, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s thick, spicy meatloaf sandwiches are perfect! Everybody loves a meatloaf sandwich; we usually use leftover meatloaf, but why wait until the meatloaf is left over to make an awesome sandwich out of it? We love meatloaf sandwiches as we’re […]

Super Football Sunday is Coming: Plan Your Menus Now!

Spicy Baked Beans for Your Superbowl Sunday Potluck Super football Sunday is coming! February 7 isn’t all that far away, you know, and the big game deserves some awesome food for your couch quarterbacks! Your football fans will want some quality food while they cheer for their favorite team! Cardinals and Panthers alike will want […]

Order Now For Your Super Football Couch Players!

The big football game of 2016 is on February 7 – it’s time to order your Texas Pepper Jelly products so you’ll have plenty on hand for your football couch quarterbacks! What’s a football game without plenty of awesome snacks? You’ve still got plenty of time to order, but don’t wait too long. You want […]

Big Football Game of 2014: Chips & Dips & Perfection

Easiest And Tastiest Party Dip We say this a lot here (and elsewhere!) that so often it’s the simplest recipes that turn out to be the favorites. Texas Pepper Jelly is one of the two ingredients in the best party dip EVER. Ingredients for the best party dip: Several jars of your favorite Texas Pepper […]

Awesome Football Food: Spicy Wings

Are you making a list of great football food? You don’t have long to wait for the big football game, you know. Be sure to add Texas Spicy Wings to your menu; watching football just naturally requires some wings, you know. Here’s how to make ours. They’re delicious. Ingredients: Chicken wings – about three pounds […]

Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages For Your Couch Quarterbacks!

Super Bowl Snacks – Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages are yet another perfect football food, and so easy to make! Craig’s BBQ Sauce makes any recipe better! Be sure you have plenty of toothpicks; cocktail sausages are more fun to eat when people can just spear them. This recipe can be made […]

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty!

TPJ Strawberry cake with full strawberries on top

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty! It’s still winter, of course, but it won’t be all that long until spring, and with the spring comes the strawberries! Our Strawberry Habanero cake can turn any simple dinner dessert into a real party! Take it to your Superbowl party and you’ll be the star among the field […]

Super Bowl Corn Dip: Texas Spicy!

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Super Bowl Corn Dip is so full of good food, it’s as good as a meal! Be sure to have plenty of crackers, bread, raw veggies, etc, on hand! Ingredients: 3 cans of corn – mix ’em up! Just make sure one of them is whole yellow corn. Drain! 2 cans of […]

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