Texas-Style Pasta Salad!

We’ve had a few warm days, and whatever the temperature is where you live, school is winding to a close and people are extra busy and where are all the simple recipes that don’t take much time and use only a few ingredients and don’t heat up the whole house to make? Oh, we have […]

Spicy Zucchini Relish

Believe it or not, zucchini was once considered a hard-to-find, almost exotic, vegetable! Now, of course, our gardens produce so much zucchini that we make jokes about leaving bushel baskets full on our neighbors’ porches after dark! With so much zucchini at our disposal, the possibilities for tasty dishes are almost endless. Zucchini is so […]

A Feast of Fridays: Sweet-n-Spicy Bow Tie Salad

Fill Your Plate With A Simple Pasta Salad This simple-to-make summer pasta salad is both filling and refreshing! Ingredients: 1 package bow tie pasta – cooked but still fairly firm 1 cup Texas Pepper Jelly (your favorite flavor, and why not do some experimenting and try them all, one by one?) 1/2 cup feta cheese […]

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