Texas Jello Shots

When it comes to mixing Texas Pepper Jelly and Jello, there are all kinds of possibilities. If we’re talking about a gathering that includes children, that’s one thing. If we’re talking about a gathering that’s adults-only, that’s quite another thing. Let’s talk about both, because there’s really only a slight difference. That difference, however, packs […]

Strawberry Jalapeno Applesauce

Recipes that are really quite simple are often the best kind. Sure, sometimes we need a more complicated process in order to end up with the results we want, but these very simple recipes can be really good. Our very simple strawberry jalapeno applesauce is one of those simple yet wonderful recipes. You can make […]

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty!

TPJ Strawberry cake with full strawberries on top

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty! It’s still winter, of course, but it won’t be all that long until spring, and with the spring comes the strawberries! Our Strawberry Habanero cake can turn any simple dinner dessert into a real party! Take it to your Superbowl party and you’ll be the star among the field […]

My Kids Found Where I Hid My Pepper Jelly!

I had ONE jar of Texas Pepper Jelly left – Strawberry Habanero, one of my favorites. The only reason I still had it was because I HID IT from my husband and kids. Yes, I hid it. That’s the only way I can keep the good stuff from being devoured before its time. Oh hush […]

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