Spicy Strawberry Crockpot Cake

Spicy Crockpot Strawberry cake on a plate with powdered sugar and blue wooden background

Spicy Strawberry Crockpot Cake With Texas Pepper Jelly Many people don’t realize that their crockpot is good for much more than main dishes; it’s good for just about anything, in fact, and that includes dessert. We “bake” cakes in my crockpot quite a lot. It’s so easy, and they bake all night while you sleep! […]

Strawberry Habanero Poke Cake

Poke cakes are so easy, and so much fun to make, too. You can make a delicious poke cake with any of our Texas Pepper Jelly products, but my kids like Strawberry Habanero Poke Cake best. Poke cake is so simple – you can use any kind of cake – I use a mix (don’t […]

How To Give Boring People A Kick

Here is a little hint that is so simple and yet so awesome! Once you start doing this, you’ll never go back. You won’t want to, and your family would call you on it if you did. Some people prefer their jellies to be a tiny little bit more on the bland side yet with […]

Strawberry Habanero Popcorn Balls?? DELICIOUS!

In most areas of the country, strawberry season has been over for a while by now. However, there are also bags of strawberries in freezer bags all over the nation, too! Plus, fresh strawberries are still available in grocery stores, and it is there that I scored a few pounds of strawberries and decided to […]

A Feast of Fridays: Spicy Crockpot Enchiladas

It’s going to be over a hundred degrees here this weekend, and turning on the oven or even the stovetop is the last thing I want to do! So, out comes my faithful trusty crockpot, because the weather outside is never an excuse for not being able to prepare a nutritious, delicious hot meal for […]