Pineapple Upside-Down Cake With a Spicy Twist

Pineapple upside down cake on a white plate and teal tablecloth

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake With a Spicy Twist? Yes, Please! So often, as we’ve told you all so many times before, it’s the simplest recipes that are the best! Texas Pepper Jelly’s Pineapple Habanero Upside-Down Cake is one of those. Granted a traditional pineapple upside-down cake doesn’t require a heaping amount of effort, but our take […]

Gooseberry Pie

I like to experiment with recipes, and I love all things Texas Pepper Jelly, and I love gooseberry pie. Therefore, it seemed only natural and logical to experiment with Texas Pepper Jelly products and gooseberries. Gooseberries are, of course, extremely tart, and there was something about the idea of very tart combined with very hot […]

Crockpot Applesauce? Yes, Please.

Who doesn’t like applesauce? Texas Pepper Jelly’s crockpot applesauce is the best you’ll ever eat – no exaggeration! Our applesauce recipe is versatile, too; you can change the flavor of the applesauce by changing the flavor of the pepperjelly you add to it! My family especially likes crockpot applesauce made with Apple Habanero pepper jelly. […]

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty!

TPJ Strawberry cake with full strawberries on top

Strawberry Habanero Cake! A Superbowl Specialty! It’s still winter, of course, but it won’t be all that long until spring, and with the spring comes the strawberries! Our Strawberry Habanero cake can turn any simple dinner dessert into a real party! Take it to your Superbowl party and you’ll be the star among the field […]

Spicy Peach Pie – Texas Style!

IF you read our newsletter – and you really should because it’s full of information, deals, codes, and recipes – you’ll know that we’ve got Spicy Peach Grilling Sauce right now (otherwise known as Peachy Peach Rib Candy™! You can do so much with our grilling sauces; they’re very versatile and great for grilling (naturally) […]

Spicy Cherry Salad for These Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer Day Spicy Cherry Salad It’s too hot to cook. No homemade cakes, pies, or brownies for a while, but our Spicy Cherry Salad is the perfect dessert for these super hot summer days. Ingredients:   1 24-ounce can of cherry pie filling 2/3 can of sweetened condensed milk (not condensed milk; SWEETENED condensed […]

Rib Candy Apple Pie? Yes, please.

Texas Rib Candy Apple Pie for Dessert There’s nothing like apple pie for dessert, is there? Actually, yes, there is. That statement should actually read, “There’s nothing like Texas Rib Candy Apple Pie for dessert, is there?”. Here’s how to make the best apple pie you and your family have EVER TASTED in your ENTIRE […]

Good Friends and Mandarin Orange Habanero Pepper Jelly

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Mandarin Orange Habanero pepper jelly is wonderful for use in recipes. Give a look at our Spicy Mandarin Orange Cornish Hens, or our Zippy Sweet Potatoes, for example. Whether we’re talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, snacks, desserts, sandwiches, salads, soups, brunch, appetizers, or whatever, there is always an opportunity to jazz […]

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