More Football Food: Black Bean Dip

One of our most popular recipes is our Black Bean Dip – it’s so easy to make and so good to eat! With just a few simple ingredients, most of which you’ve probably already got on your pantry shelves, you can create an absolutely delicious dip which your football-loving family and friends will LOVE! There […]

Spicy Pineapple Salsa – YUM!

Oh my GOSH, the house smells so good nobody can even sleep! I mixed up a big batch of Spicy Pineapple Salsa a few hours ago, and the aroma is lingering. . . . This spicy, fruity salsa is so versatile! It can be used as a salsa dip, with veggies, chips, whatever you and […]

Red, White, & Blue Spicy Fruit Salsa for a Hot Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day, Texas Pepper Jelly fans! Here’s our famous red, white, and blue Spicy Fruit Salsa, especially for your Fourth of July gathering! Don’t assume that “salsa” will always mean “red sauce!” Texas Pepper Jelly’s amazing Spicy Fruit Salsa is one of our many exceptions to THAT rule! Spicy Fruit Salsa is perfect for […]

Spicy Texas Fruit Salsa (No Cooking!)

When we think of salsa, we usually picture the usual red spicy sauce, which is delicious, but that’s not the kind of salsa we’re talking about this time. Spicy Texas Fruit Salsa is a bit different, yes, but it’s still great with anything the usual salsa is good with: dipping your favorite things into, or […]

Perfect Holiday Gifts from Texas Pepper Jelly!

Perfect Holiday Gifts from Texas Pepper Jelly! The holidays are just around the corner; December is near! You’re here, so we hope that means you are a planner. Hopefully, we can help you decide what to buy friends, family, co-workers, or even yourself for gifts. If you are not a gift-giving planner, we suggest you […]