Two Chili and Stew Recipes That’ll Make Things Better When Temps Drop

bowl of stew and a bowl of chili on a gray wood table with a spoon and gourd as decoration

Two Chili and Stew Recipes That’ll Make Things Better When Temps Drop As mid-winter temperatures drop across the U.S. (yep, even the southern states get downright cold this time of year), staying indoors and curling up with a warm bowl of chili or stew is tempting. Why not take your comfort food outside and enjoy […]

Looking for Quick & Easy March Madness Snacks?

Texas pepper jelly march madness snacks bracket for products and recipes

Looking for Quick & Easy March Madness Snacks? Here You Go! It’s official; the 2022 NCAA March Madness is upon us. Although the tournament is already underway, it goes until April 4th, which gives you several weeks to celebrate your favorite college team(s) with family, friends, and of course, food. Because we know y’all would […]

Game Winning Super Bowl Recipes

Hot Texas pepper jelly spinach dip in a wooden bowl on a wooden background

Game Winning Super Bowl Recipes Ready for football’s biggest game of the year? If you’re looking for some easy-to-make super bowl recipes that’ll rack up points with football fans we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re tailgating or sitting at home watching the game, these recipes are a sure bet in our playbook. Enjoy! Spicy Sloppy […]

Good Friends and Mandarin Orange Habanero Pepper Jelly

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Mandarin Orange Habanero pepper jelly is wonderful for use in recipes. Give a look at our Spicy Mandarin Orange Cornish Hens, or our Zippy Sweet Potatoes, for example. Whether we’re talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, snacks, desserts, sandwiches, salads, soups, brunch, appetizers, or whatever, there is always an opportunity to jazz […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Spicy Sweet Potato Chili

A New Sweet Potato Recipe – Chili This novel chili is different and delicious! It’s unlike any chili you’ve ever had before, anywhere, we’re betting. It’s also so good, and good for you, too. It doesn’t take very long to make, either. Ingredients for sweet potato chili: Approx. 1/2 pound chicken, cut into chunks and […]

Seafood Chili | Texas Pepper Jelly Style

Bowl of seafood chili with shrimp jalapeno sour cream for the recipe

How Do You Make Seafood Chili Who’s ever heard of chili made with seafood? Answer: We have. And now, with this seafood chili recipe, you have, too. Next question is, when are you going to make this delicious dish? If it is a hot summer day or a cold winter night, you can’t go wrong […]

Monday Munchies: Ten Minute Spicy Ham Steak

Ten Minute Spicy Ham Steak for Dinner You just got home from work and everybody’s STARVING? In ten minutes, you can put a savory supper on the table for your hungry family! Spicy Ham Steak Ingredients: 1 bone-in fully cooked ham steak (approximately one pound) 1/4 cup Pineapple Orange Habanero Pepper Jelly 2 tablespoons water […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Texas Pepper Slaw

Texas Cole Slaw is KING People tend to be very picky and possessive about coleslaw, you know.  Sometimes, it’s hard to let yourself discover new and different coleslaw!  For whatever reason, people want their coleslaw to be exactly the same, all the time. We’ve seen people reject perfectly good coleslaw in restaurants, just because it […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Kickin’ Fruit Salad

This awesome fruit salad can be part of the meal, or the dessert!  You can use all fresh fruit, or all canned fruit, or a mix!  In the winter, it’s often easier to use canned fruit, with as much fresh as you can find in the market.  Also, feel free to substitute pretty much any […]

Texas Raspberry Chipotle Crab Dip

We’re huge Crab Dip fans here, but this is the best recipe for crab dip I’ve ever found!  It takes a little longer than the quick and easy recipes I usually love, but this recipe is well worth the wait! Ingredients: 1 package cream cheese (or Neufchatel) 1 small bunch fresh spinach, chopped 1/2 cup […]