What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Kickin’ Fruit Salad

This awesome fruit salad can be part of the meal, or the dessert!  You can use all fresh fruit, or all canned fruit, or a mix!  In the winter, it’s often easier to use canned fruit, with as much fresh as you can find in the market.  Also, feel free to substitute pretty much any […]

Attention Bloggers: Fantastic Bargain from Texas Pepper Jelly!!!

Bloggers Special!!!!!!!!  Bloggers, pay attention! Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to offer a special deal to all of our bloggers who support us:  For a limited time you can purchase our 3 most popular flavors for only $20! Enjoy Pineapple Habanero, Berry Medley Jalapeno and Peach Habanero when you order this 3 pack.  These are […]

Texas Pepper Jelly: Good For What Ails Ya

Back in the olden days, doctors (and mothers) put hot poultices on a sick person’s chest, to help calm down the coughing.  When I say “hot” poultice, I mean both hot with heat and hot with peppers. People who live in cultures where a lot of hot-with-peppers foods are eaten don’t have nearly as many […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Favorites

My newest Texas Pepper Jelly order was delivered the other day, so of course we’ve been feasting on it all weekend.  Our favorite Pineapple Habanero?  One jar is already gone, and a second jar will be before the night is over.  The Berry Blend is in the crockpot with the pork, and the Peach Habanero […]