The Great Outdoors: Choosing the Best Method for Your Next Cookout

Outdoor grilling with charcoal and kabobs

The Great Outdoors: Choosing the Best Method for Your Next Cookout Cooking food outdoors is a quintessential American experience. Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or just having a good old-fashioned barbecue, there are a variety of ways to cook your food to perfection. But with so many options, how do you choose the best method for […]

On Father’s Day, We Grill Outside!

We’re assuming something, but we think it’s true – if ever there was ever an “official” day to grill out, it would be Father’s Day, wouldn’t it! Fourth of July comes in a close second, but we’ll get to THAT holiday in a minute. The forecast here for Sunday, June 15, is partly cloudy; in […]

Display the Flag Properly at Your Cookout!

June is here, and Independence Day is only a month away! Time to be thinking about what you’ll be doing on the Glorious Fourth, so get your Texas Pepper Jelly products ordered soon! Nothing says American Celebration like an outdoor barbecue, so be sure to order plenty of Craig’s BBQ Sauce, as well as an […]

Texas Rib Candy – Stock Up Now!

In some areas of the country, temperatures are already in the high sixties and low seventies, and BBQ grills all over the nation are under siege with brillo pads, oven cleaner, and garden hoses. Many people have already dined on outdoor-grilled goodnesses of various kinds! In order to produce the best grilling ever, it’s important […]

Best Gifts for People Who Love Cookouts

We know the weather’s hot, but we’re still cooking “out” at our house and we bet you are, too. There are several summer birthdays around here, and think this summer we’ve finally managed to “hit the nail on the head” when it comes to choosing great birthday gifts! They all love to grill out and […]

Grilling in the Heat!

We’re in the midst of some dangerous heat advisories, and few people around these parts want to fire up the oven or even the stovetop right now. Hot as it might be outside, it’s NEVER too hot to grill outdoors, and this weather is the perfect excuse – as if any of us needed an […]

Grilling Chicken? You Need Texas Bird Bath!

Grilled Chicken Advice From A BBQ Expert Nobody knows grilling like Craig Sharry, and a smart outdoor cook will take Craig’s advice before any other. This excerpt from this month’s Texas Pepper Jelly Newsletter contains some of the best chicken-cookin’ advice I’ve ever seen. I’d follow it if I were you! Oh, and speaking of […]

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