6 Gifts for Mom to Ensure You’re Her Favorite

Mom hugging child after receiving Texas Pepper Jelly gift for Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day Month: 6 Gift Ideas to Ensure You’re Her Favorite Our team here at Texas Pepper Jelly loves their moms so much that we believe Mother’s Day should be Mother’s Day month. With everything moms do for us, one day of celebration doesn’t seem adequate. So, on that note, if your mother is […]

Texas Rib Candy – Stock Up Now!

In some areas of the country, temperatures are already in the high sixties and low seventies, and BBQ grills all over the nation are under siege with brillo pads, oven cleaner, and garden hoses. Many people have already dined on outdoor-grilled goodnesses of various kinds! In order to produce the best grilling ever, it’s important […]

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