Father’s Day Perfection!

The next holiday up is Father’s Day, and I have some suggestions for all of you. First of all, your father has enough socks, ties, and coffee mugs. Secondly, your father loves food. In my own family, all the men (all the women, too, but we’re talking about the men here. . . .) ahem, […]

Holiday Season Is On Its Way!

It’s almost Halloween, which means we’re just heading into the official Holiday Season, and Holiday Season means it’s time to start laying in supplies for all those holiday meals, reunions, gatherings, and parties! Aaaaand, what’s any meal, reunion, gathering, or party without plenty of Texas Pepper Jelly products! Our pepper jellies, BBQ sauce, Rib Candies, […]

Texas Pepper Jelly: Your Source for a Successful, Memorable Cookout!

Monday is the Glorious Fourth, and we here at Texas Pepper Jelly hope you’ve got plenty of pepper jelly and grilling sauces for your outdoor barbecue purposes! Since we all have our individual flavor preferences, our mixed case of Texas Pepper Jelly just might be your best bet, if pleasing everyone is your goal. Unlike […]