Outdoor Wok? You Betcha!

Outdoor Wok – You Betcha I have an outdoor wok and an indoor wok. My outdoor wok is really, really old; it was my grandmother’s, and it weighs more than ten pounds. It was seasoned when I got it, but I keep up with that because unless a cast iron pan’s seasoning is kept up, […]

The Best Boning Knife You’ll Ever Use!

Every good cook needs a good boning knife. Meats must be prepared before they’re cooked, whether that would be in the kitchen or outside on a grill. Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to feature Messermeister knives of all kinds, and their boning knife is the best we’ve ever used. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb. . . […]

Texas Tips: Super Simple Marinade Hint

We don’t have a lot of time to cook, yet we love to prepare good meals for the family. Time-saving recipes and hints really help us a lot. Today’s Texas Tip is about marinades. Marinating meat can make even the cheapest cuts tender and flavorful, but marinating takes up a lot of that valuable, non-existent […]