Rib Candy and a Messermeister Knife: What A Deal!

Labor Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start stocking up for your holiday weekend cookout! No matter what kind of meat you plan to grill at your backyard barbecue, Texas Rib Candy is a perfect choice! Your family and friends will love it, and right now Texas Pepper Jelly has a […]

Barbecue Season Is Definitely Here!

If you do a lot of outdoor grilling, Texas Pepper Jelly’s 6-pack of Rib Candy is the ideal Father’s Day or Any Day’s gift! Oh, and if you think one multi-pack of Rib Candy will get you through the entire summer, guess again. Your family and guests will go NUTS over Rib Candy! Got someone […]

Texas Pepper Jelly: A Superior Business with Superior Products

The Texas Pepper Jelly website has so many different products on it, and every one of them is fantastic! For example, the Messermeister Cutlery page has some of the finest knives you’ll ever find, anywhere. Those readers who linked to us during our most recent Blog Contest have probably received their knives by now.  It […]