Texas Pepper Jelly Makes Everything You Grill Taste Better!

Here at Texas Pepper Jelly, we like to talk about grilling all kinds of foods: meats, vegetables, and even fruits. A good shish kabob represents most, if not all, of the basic food groups. People who grill have preferences. This is a bit of an understatement. Each person who loves to grill firmly believes that […]

BBQ Sauce by the Gallon!

When it’s time to buy more BBQ sauce, why bother buying those little bottles from the grocery store? We all know those don’t last very long, especially in the summer when grilling is at its peak! My advice to all of you is to buy your barbecue sauce by the gallon, and what better place […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Recommends Snake River Farms Meats!

Our products here at Texas Pepper Jelly are the best – the very best – and to make the most of the very best grilling products, why not use the very best meats for grilling? We highly recommend the meat from Snake River Farms. As you no doubt already know, filet mignon is just about […]

Serve Craig’s BBQ Sauce When You Grill Out. It’s the Best.

This time of year, when the flowers are blooming after a long, cold winter, and when the temperature outside is in the seventies after that same long, cold winter, people want to socialize with their friends more than ever. We’ve all been cooped up for months, and now that we can leave our homes without […]

Readers’ Favorite Recipes from Texas Pepper Jelly

As we begin to head into holiday season, here are some of our readers’ favorite Texas Pepper Jelly recipes! 1. Texas Pepper Jelly’s famous Pineapple Habanero Potato Salad is that perfect picnic side dish! The combination of spicy habanero, sweet pineapple, sour dill pickles, and the various spiciness of the peppers turns a simple potato […]

The Best Football Food Is RIGHT HERE!

Football season means awesome couch quarterback/tailgate/fall cookout food, and all of it is awesome! For my husband and son, pulled pork is the staple food of football, and depending on the weather, I’ve made it in the crockpot, on an outdoor spit, in the oven, and on the stovetop. This weekend, I used both slow […]

Labor Day Cookout? Sweet Grilled Corn in the Husk!

It’s Labor Day Weekend, cookout fans! This is one of the BIG ONES, so you’ll want your cookout to be extra special. Summer’s almost over, so let’s make sure it goes out with a backyard bang. Gather up all the fresh summer vegetables you can, and let’s make this Labor Day cookout a gala success. […]

Low Carb Diet? Texas Pepper Jelly Makes It Delicious!

Whenever there’s talk of grilling or broiling, there’s always talk of beef, pork, lamp, and every possible manifestation of these basic meats. However, those who grill a lot know that fish are delicious grilled or broiled, too. Right now, my husband is on a VERY strict diet of which grilled or broiled fish is the […]