September: Don’t Put Away That Grill Yet!

Don’t put away those grills yet – sure, it’s September, but the weather is still warm and cookout season isn’t over! In fact, you should still make sure you’ve got a plentiful supply of barbecue sauce on hand because you’re going to need it. Texas Pepper Jelly products are all perfect for any cookout, and […]

Labor Day’s Coming Up Soon!

Hey, listen, Labor Day is coming up REALLY SOON! Hamburger is on sale in most grocery stores, and in fact, so are pork chops and ribs. Everybody is getting ready for that awesome Labor Day cookout, including the merchants! No cookout is complete without plenty of barbecue sauce, and Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the best […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: None Better!

Boy, is it ever hot outdoors! This is the hottest, wettest July in many people’s memories! It can’t rain every day, though, and some of those clear, sunny days will be perfect for a cookout! No cookout is complete without some good barbecue, and nothing makes a barbecue good like Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Craig’s BBQ […]

Serve Craig’s BBQ Sauce When You Grill Out. It’s the Best.

This time of year, when the flowers are blooming after a long, cold winter, and when the temperature outside is in the seventies after that same long, cold winter, people want to socialize with their friends more than ever. We’ve all been cooped up for months, and now that we can leave our homes without […]

Super Bowl Steaks, Texas Style!

It’s Super Bowl time, so get those steaks out of the freezer! Weather permitting, some of you will be using your backyard grill, while others are forced by freezing temperatures and falling snow to do your grilling in the kitchen. Whether you are outside, inside, grilling, or broiling, nothing beats a good steak in any […]

Winterizing Your Grill

If you live where it’s warm all year long, you won’t need to know how to winterize your grill. However, if you live where it’s starting to get pretty cold right about now, please continue reading because this post can mean the difference between having to buy a new grill every spring and having your […]

It’s Too Hot; Use Your Crockpot!

It’s hot outside – way to hot to fire up the grill and way too hot to turn on the stove; it’s never, however, too hot for a crockpot. Crockpots don’t add to the heat of outdoors or indoors. Crockpots keep all the heat locked up inside where it belongs: with your food. Crockpots make […]

Beat That Summer Kitchen Heat!

There are two excellent ways to beat the heat in your kitchen this summer: your crockpot and your grill. Why turn on your oven, which turns your kitchen into a sauna, when you can use your crockpot inside? Crockpots don’t add heat to the climate of your kitchen. Crockpots don’t compete with your air conditioner […]

May is Barbecue Month!

It’s finally May, and the cold winter is over. With the spring comes the advent of barbecue season, so uncover that grill, clean it well, and let’s start cooking dinner in the back yard! Remember that when we are barbecuing our supper, we are working with fire, whether it be gas or charcoal. Be sure […]

The Best Boning Knife You’ll Ever Use!

Every good cook needs a good boning knife. Meats must be prepared before they’re cooked, whether that would be in the kitchen or outside on a grill. Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to feature Messermeister knives of all kinds, and their boning knife is the best we’ve ever used. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb. . . […]