We all know that with online or catalog purchases, it’s the shipping that gets ya. Texas Pepper Jelly’s shipping rates have always been far below the average – in other words, we charge far less than most other online businesses. However, our CEO, Craig Sharry, wants to do even better than that. If you order […]

Texas BBQ Rub Glazed Smoked Ham

Here is a fantastic recipe for a glazed smoked ham. Just in time for your holiday meal. This is a great way to take one of those ready-to-eat store-bought cooked hams and make a really special ham for the Easter dinner. The combination of our Rib Rub and Rib Candy™ ( makes this one a […]

Freebies and News from Texas Pepper Jelly!

The first day of spring is a good time to tell our readers some great news, and to offer y’all some fantastic freebies! First of all, you can now get almost any of our yummy Texas Pepper Jellies in both habanero and jalapeno! AND, if you order this month and spend $25 or more, you […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Southwest Meets Paris

Life is full of coincidences! I was chatting with my friend, who happened to mention that she LOVES Texas Pepper Jelly.  I told her that I wrote for Texas Pepper Jelly, and she was amazed at the irony of it! Tammy discovered Texas Pepper Jelly because of the free sample signup from several months back.  […]