Texas Style Football Food!

Texas Style Football Food! It’s football time, and when there’s a football game on TV, there has to be plenty of awesome football food with arm’s reach! Texas Pepper Jelly has so many recipes for awesome sports food – easy-to-make recipes for wonderful, delicious snacks, main dishes, sides, sandwiches, and anything you can name. Just […]

Big Football Game of 2014: Chips & Dips & Perfection

Easiest And Tastiest Party Dip We say this a lot here (and elsewhere!) that so often it’s the simplest recipes that turn out to be the favorites. Texas Pepper Jelly is one of the two ingredients in the best party dip EVER. Ingredients for the best party dip: Several jars of your favorite Texas Pepper […]

Awesome Football Food: Spicy Wings

Are you making a list of great football food? You don’t have long to wait for the big football game, you know. Be sure to add Texas Spicy Wings to your menu; watching football just naturally requires some wings, you know. Here’s how to make ours. They’re delicious. Ingredients: Chicken wings – about three pounds […]

Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages For Your Couch Quarterbacks!

Super Bowl Snacks – Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages Spicy Texas Cocktail Sausages are yet another perfect football food, and so easy to make! Craig’s BBQ Sauce makes any recipe better! Be sure you have plenty of toothpicks; cocktail sausages are more fun to eat when people can just spear them. This recipe can be made […]

SuperBowl Food: Hot Crockpot Spinach Dip

Texas Pepper Jelly Crockpot spinach dip in a bowl with bread

Simple and Spicy Hot Crockpot Spinach Dip Winter snacks should be hot – hot with heat and hot with peppers! Hot winter snacks warm us up all the way through our bodies. What better time to make a delicious snack than for the Superbowl!  This means it is once again time for the trusty crockpot. […]

Zesty Texas-Style Crockpot Sloppy Joes

Who doesn’t love sloppy joes? I tend to sing the Adam Sandler song about sloppy joes as I put this recipe together, but I’ve always been classy like that. This sloppy joe recipe will become your family’s favorite sloppy joe recipe after one meal – it happened that way at my house! Ingredients: 1 pound […]

Super Bowl Meatloaf: Stop Laughing & Have A Sandwich!

Oh hush. You know you love a good meatloaf sandwich, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy SuperBowl Meatloaf is the best EVER. This recipe makes awesome meatloaf – fit for your family dinner table – but this weekend it will be easier to just slice it up and turn it into the kind of sandwich that […]

SuperBowl Nachos!

When we’re watching the Super Bowl from home, it’s important to have awesome Superbowl Snacks. Stop laughing – you know it’s true! So let’s start with Texas Pepper Jelly’s fantastically delicious SuperBowl Nachos. Ingredients: Bag of tortilla chips 1/2 cup taco sauce 1 jar of Loco Cheese Dip 1/2 cup shredded pepperoni What to do: […]