It’s Football Season! That Means Football FOOD!

It’s Football Season and Time For Dips It’s time to start thinking about the food for your enthusiastic crew and getting your ingredients together. Football season is about more than the game, remember. It’s also about the FOOD, and we all know that football fans like their football food as much as they like their […]

Texas Football Food: Versatile Meatballs

Texas Pepper Jelly Super Superbowl Meatballs Looking for the perfect football food for your crowd of couch quarterbacks? Texas Pepper Jelly’s meatball mix is not only delicious – it’s absolutely versatile as well! Our mixture of ground sirloin, Texas Pepper Jelly products, and spices creates the best meatballs in the world, all kinds of meatballs: […]

Texas Football Food: Spicy 15-Bean Soup!

Couch quarterbacks really work up an appetite, as we all know quite well, and there’s nothing like a hearty soup to help keep up their strength for all that cheering and enthusiasm. Texas Pepper Jelly’s spicy 15-bean soup is the perfect food for your football fans. It’s so easy to make, and so delicious, and […]

More Football Food: Black Bean Dip

One of our most popular recipes is our Black Bean Dip – it’s so easy to make and so good to eat! With just a few simple ingredients, most of which you’ve probably already got on your pantry shelves, you can create an absolutely delicious dip which your football-loving family and friends will LOVE! There […]

Football Season Means Football Food!

Football season has started, and some people don’t know which they love most: the game or the food! Whether you’re tailgating or watching from the sofa, football season means awesome food! We have many different recipes for Texas-type meatballs, so be on the watch! Football season is perfect meatball season. This recipe for Loaded Texas […]

Football Sunday Food: Texas-Style Cheesy Chicken Dip! (Crockpot Style!)

Dutch oven with Cheesy Chicken dip TPJ recipe

Why Chicken Dips Are The Superbowl Secret Ingredient Your super football Sunday couch quarterbacks are going to need food, and plenty of it. Get out your crockpot, grab some bread, veggies, or chips and make some dips, easy-peasy style. Remember, you can’t have too many dips at your super football party, and that’s not even […]

Super Football Sunday is Coming: Plan Your Menus Now!

Spicy Baked Beans for Your Superbowl Sunday Potluck Super football Sunday is coming! February 7 isn’t all that far away, you know, and the big game deserves some awesome food for your couch quarterbacks! Your football fans will want some quality food while they cheer for their favorite team! Cardinals and Panthers alike will want […]

Order Now For Your Super Football Couch Players!

The big football game of 2016 is on February 7 – it’s time to order your Texas Pepper Jelly products so you’ll have plenty on hand for your football couch quarterbacks! What’s a football game without plenty of awesome snacks? You’ve still got plenty of time to order, but don’t wait too long. You want […]

Super Bowl Steaks, Texas Style!

It’s Super Bowl time, so get those steaks out of the freezer! Weather permitting, some of you will be using your backyard grill, while others are forced by freezing temperatures and falling snow to do your grilling in the kitchen. Whether you are outside, inside, grilling, or broiling, nothing beats a good steak in any […]

Texas Buffalo Dip

Football fans like their football food as much as they like their football teams, so let’s plan for some awesome football food! Easy-to-eat foods are best for those couch quarterbacks, and what’s easier to prepare and to eat than a good dip? Texas Pepper Jelly’s Texas Buffalo Dip is one of the best ones we’ve […]

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