Texas Pepper Jelly and the Best Snack EVER

The BEST Snack Ever From TPJ We’ve been recovering from all the large meals we have consumed during the holidays, we can tell you something about snacking when you have trouble standing up and walking across a room: There is nothing that hits the spot like a simple brick of cream cheese covered with Pineapple […]

Texas Thanksgiving: Pepper Jellies on Your Holiday Table

Every year, we set out a basket of assorted Texas Pepper Jellies on the Thanksgiving table. Not only is it really pretty to look at, but the family and guests also love to be able to pick and choose their favorite flavors, and try new flavors. Pepper jelly can go on anything any other kind […]

Big Football Game of 2014: Chips & Dips & Perfection

Easiest And Tastiest Party Dip We say this a lot here (and elsewhere!) that so often it’s the simplest recipes that turn out to be the favorites. Texas Pepper Jelly is one of the two ingredients in the best party dip EVER. Ingredients for the best party dip: Several jars of your favorite Texas Pepper […]

Pineapple Habanero Frozen Delight

Okay, this recipe combines some rather diverse flavors, but the result is AWESOME! You’ll find yourself thinking about this wonderful frozen salad all day, anticipating getting home where you can indulge yourself! Ingredients: 2 (3oz) packages black cherry Jell-O 1/2 cup sugar (I use Splenda) 1 #2 can crushed pineapple 1/2 cup Pineapple Habanero pepper […]

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Hot & Spicy Chicken Dip

Before you even start making this dip, be sure you’ve got plenty of raw veggies, chips, and anything else your family and friends like to dip into the dip. Texas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy Chicken Dip is nutritious and filling enough to be the meal, not merely the snack or the appetizer! Plus, it’s easy to […]

Monday Munchies: An Old Favorite, But New To My Guests!

My box of Texas Pepper Jelly arrived while my Gulf Coast cousins were visiting, and I was thrilled! I knew they liked spicy foods, and I knew that one of my cousins actually made her own pepper jelly, and I was positive they would both agree that Texas Pepper Jelly was the best EVER. And, […]

A Feast of Fridays: Spicy Cheese Ball. Or Log. Etc.

Skip The Store Bought – Make A Cheese Ball From Scratch We’ve posted about cheese balls many times before, but spring is coming soon, in spite of the snow some of us are still dealing with, and spring is the season of all kinds of pitch-ins, potlucks, and open houses – St. Patrick’s, Easter, graduation. […]

Happy Holidays From Texas Pepper Jelly

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Texas Pepper Jelly! We hope you all drive carefully, arrive safely, and bring a Texas Pepper Jelly cracker tray to your family reunion today.  (Just pour some pepper jelly over a brick of cream cheese and go crazy with the crackers!) Your Texas Pepper Jelly cracker tray will be […]

The World’s Easiest, Tastiest Party Dip!

Don’t be one of those people who serve the same old snacks at every get-together or party!  Give your guests something different, something awesome, something absolutely delicious!  Give them something to talk about! A little Texas Pepper Jelly over the cream cheese will turn the world’s simplest dip into a work of art: something so […]

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