Texas-Style Spicy Peach Cobbler

In just a few weeks, it will be peach season, and the next best thing to devouring those peaches individually is devouring those peaches in a cobbler! There are many kinds of peach cobbler, but our Texas-Style Spicy Peach Cobbler is the best, hands-down. It’s also the easiest because instead of pie crust, it uses […]

Best Muffins You’ll Ever Eat

Our family loves muffins. We bet yours does, too. We experiment with muffin recipes all the time, but this week, we’ve found a classic muffin recipe WINNER that we’ll be making a lot. What’s better for a quick yet nutritious breakfast or a delicious snack than a couple of tasty muffins and a cup of […]

Apple Habanero Pie. Eat Up.

I don’t have a picture yet of the apple pie that’s in my oven as I type, but I will add it to this post when I take it out of the oven. I did take a picture of the pie BEFORE I put it in the oven – wanna see it? Seriously? Okay. Look closely […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce Presents: Meatballs at Midnight

I’m having a midnight snack, and you’ll be jealous when you get the details. Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, Craig’s BBQ Sauce, is flying off the shelves so fast, it’s hard to keep up! I’m not surprised, though; this is the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever tasted in my life – no comparison. Nothing else […]

Rib Candy Apple Pie? Yes, please.

Texas Rib Candy Apple Pie for Dessert There’s nothing like apple pie for dessert, is there? Actually, yes, there is. That statement should actually read, “There’s nothing like Texas Rib Candy Apple Pie for dessert, is there?”. Here’s how to make the best apple pie you and your family have EVER TASTED in your ENTIRE […]