Texas Jello Shots

When it comes to mixing Texas Pepper Jelly and Jello, there are all kinds of possibilities. If we’re talking about a gathering that includes children, that’s one thing. If we’re talking about a gathering that’s adults-only, that’s quite another thing. Let’s talk about both, because there’s really only a slight difference. That difference, however, packs […]

Monday Munchies: Zesty Crunchy Zucchini Coins

This time of year, people are buried alive in zucchini, but once they try Texas Pepper Jelly’s Zesty Crunchy Zucchini Coins, that tall mound of zucchini will start getting smaller, because your family will want a plate of these within arm’s reach ALL THE TIME!  Oh, this recipe is soooo much fun! Not only is […]

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