A Crockpot Full of Ribs, Chicken, and Craig’s BBQ Sauce!

There are a lot of good barbecue sauce brands out there; some of them might even be called great barbecue sauce brands. Craig’s BBQ Sauce beats them all. These cold winter days, there’s nothing like coming home to the aroma of a crockpot full of barbecued ribs, or chicken, and that aroma will be even […]

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Bird Bath Is Versatility Plus Deliciousness!

There’s no chicken like chicken grilled to perfection, and perfect chicken is exactly what you’ll get when you use Texas Pepper Jelly’s fabulous and delicious Bird Bath. For those of you who like it hotter, we have Mango or Peach Mango Bird Bath WITH habaneros, and for those of you who prefer a milder blend, […]

Father’s Day Cookout!

We’re assuming something, but we think it’s true – if ever there was ever an “official” day to grill out, it would be Father’s Day, wouldn’t it! Fourth of July comes in a close second, but we’ll get to THAT holiday in a minute. The forecast here is for sunshine; in other words, it’s going […]

The Best Boning Knife You’ll Ever Use!

Every good cook needs a good boning knife. Meats must be prepared before they’re cooked, whether that would be in the kitchen or outside on a grill. Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to feature Messermeister knives of all kinds, and their boning knife is the best we’ve ever used. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb. . . […]

Texas Chicken Wraps

Texas Chicken Wraps are a quick, nutritious meal, and you can use up several leftovers in the making! Ingredients: 6 flour tortillas (soft)1/2 teaspoon garlic powderdash of black pepper12 oz. of skinless, boneless chicken breast strips (sliced VERY thin)1 tablespoon olive oil4 cups shredded broccoli or broccoli slaw mix1 medium onion, cut into very thin […]

Spicy, Cheesy Chicken Lasagna!

Oh, you’re definitely going to be printing this recipe out and sticking it on your refrigerator door! Your family will LOVE IT! Ingredients: 2 12-oz cans evaporated milk (not the fat-free kind) 1 1-oz package of dry Ranch Dressing mix 3 cups of skinned, cooked, cubed chicken dash of pepper 2 cups Texas Pepper Jelly’s […]

Spicy Crockpot Chicken Soup

You know that wonderful feeling, when you’re at work, of remembering that your dinner has been cooking all day in your crockpot and will be ready to eat the very moment you walk through the door tonight. . . . Why not make some Spicy Crockpot Chicken Soup tonight! Ingredients: 1 16-oz can of chili […]

Grilling Chicken? You Need Texas Bird Bath!

Grilled Chicken Advice From A BBQ Expert Nobody knows grilling like Craig Sharry, and a smart outdoor cook will take Craig’s advice before any other. This excerpt from this month’s Texas Pepper Jelly Newsletter contains some of the best chicken-cookin’ advice I’ve ever seen. I’d follow it if I were you! Oh, and speaking of […]

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