No Treat Could Be Simpler, or More Delicious!

We mention this on our blog a lot, but it’s still true, that often the simplest recipes are the best! Now that the hot summer weather is here to stay, here is a recipe that couldn’t be simpler or more delicious! We call this Raspberry Delight, but your family might have other ideas, all of […]

Vegetarians Love Cookouts, Too!

Even if you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy delicious grilled “meat substitutes.” Portobello mushrooms are yummy good, and a thick slice, slathered with Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy, is every bit as tasty as a burger! Ingredients: 4 portobello caps, stems and gills removed 1/2 cup Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy – […]

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