Texas BBQ Rub Glazed Smoked Ham

Here is a fantastic recipe for a glazed smoked ham. Just in time for your holiday meal. This is a great way to take one of those ready-to-eat store-bought cooked hams and make a really special ham for the Easter dinner. The combination of our Rib Rub and Rib Candy™ (texaspepperjelly.com) makes this one a […]

Freebies and News from Texas Pepper Jelly!

The first day of spring is a good time to tell our readers some great news, and to offer y’all some fantastic freebies! First of all, you can now get almost any of our yummy Texas Pepper Jellies in both habanero and jalapeno! AND, if you order this month and spend $25 or more, you […]

Texas Pepper Jelly: A Superior Business with Superior Products

The Texas Pepper Jelly website has so many different products on it, and every one of them is fantastic! For example, the Messermeister Cutlery page has some of the finest knives you’ll ever find, anywhere. Those readers who linked to us during our most recent Blog Contest have probably received their knives by now.  It […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday

Southwestern Corn Dip Recipe Oh, this one is SOOOO GOOD!  We make this for an appetizer on a regular basis! You’ll need the following ingredients to make enough for thirty people (yes we said thirty!): 1lb of cheese – we use Velveeta, but any kind of yellow cheese will do.  If you have a lot […]

Texas Pepper Jelly GIVEAWAY! FREE!!

Welcome to the Texas Pepper Jelly blog!  Would you like to have info about our fantastic Texas Pepper Jelly products right in your inbox? It’s easy! Just go to our Texas Pepper Jelly sign-up page and follow the super-easy directions. Do it right now so you can start receiving our FREE monthly newsletter, which is […]