6 Gifts for Mom to Ensure Your’re Her Favorite

Mom hugging child after receiving Texas Pepper Jelly gift for Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day Month: 6 Gift Ideas to Ensure You’re Her Favorite Our team here at Texas Pepper Jelly loves their moms so much that we believe Mother’s Day should be Mother’s Day month. With everything moms do for us, one day of celebration doesn’t seem adequate. So, on that note, if your mother is […]

Scott’s Best Products of 2011: Texas Pepper Jelly!

Scott Roberts, whose spicy-famous website features the Scoville Scale Chart for hot sauce and hot peppers, has chosen Texas Pepper Jelly’s Pineapple Habanero pepper jelly as the best sweet and spicy product! We’re in great company, too, as all of the companies and their products Scott discusses in the video are fantastic, too! Straight from […]