Texas Pepper Jelly: Good For What Ails Ya

Back in the olden days, doctors (and mothers) put hot poultices on a sick person’s chest, to help calm down the coughing.  When I say “hot” poultice, I mean both hot with heat and hot with peppers. People who live in cultures where a lot of hot-with-peppers foods are eaten don’t have nearly as many […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Slow-Cooked Berry Medley Jalapeno Pork Tenderloin!

Often, the best-tasting foods are a result of the easiest recipes! It’s true, and tonight your family could be sitting down to a fantastic meal, thanks to Texas Pepper Jelly. Our products provide ways that make your cooking easier and more flavorful. If you ordered today, the mailman can deliver a box of incredible delights […]