Sous Vide and Barbecuing Meats: How to Get Amazing Results for Your BBQ

Sous Vide in pot with a steak and a steak on a cutting board

Sous Vide and Barbecuing Meats: How to Get Amazing Results for Your BBQ The world of sous vide­ is truly amazing! Once a secretive­ tool utilized only by professional chefs, it has now be­come a favorite cooking method at home­ as well, thanks to the affordable and acce­ssible appliances easily available­ on the market. If […]

10 BBQ Styles From Around The World

BBQ on table with different sides rolls fried okra iced tea

10 BBQ Styles From Around The World That’ll Awaken Your Taste Buds Are you feeling adventurous? Are you ready to go beyond your traditional barbecue sauce-laden pork, beef, or chicken barbeque cooked on your backyard gas or charcoal grill? Today’s your lucky day because we put together a list of BBQ styles from around the […]

Backyard BBQ Party Ideas & Tips

15 backyard bbq ideas with friends gathered around a table raising a glass

15 Backyard BBQ Recipes, Party Ideas, & Tips If you’re looking for backyard bbq ideas and tips that’ll make your party legendary, you’ve come to the right place. We know that food is the foundation of any great gathering and what it takes to showcase any dish. So, without further ado, let’s get to all […]

Differences Between Regional Types of BBQ

United States map with pins in the four bbq regions Texas, Carolina BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, and Memphis BBQ

Regional Types of BBQ: What’s Really the Difference Between Texas and the Rest Barbeque and smoked meat lovers throughout the nation tend to favor one regional BBQ taste, most likely without even knowing there are four regional types of barbeque. Wait? There’s more than one type of BBQ? Told you not everyone is privy to […]

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce?

When should you sauce with Craig's bbq sauce 10-15 min before end of cook image of timers and 21 oz bottle of sauce

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce? A question we get from a lot of beginner BBQ Fanatics is “when should I add the BBQ sauce?” The answer is simple, if you are using Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any store-bought sauce, we suggest adding it 10-15 minutes before the END of your cooking time. Because […]

Springtime is Texas Pepper Jelly Time

Spring is here, and it’s time to order grilling supplies, the most important of which are, of course, the products you can only get from Texas Pepper Jelly. Our pepper jellies are perfect for grilling. Brush some over your ribs, your burgers, your vegetables. . . whatever’s on the grill is improved with a little […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Presents: Butcher’s Prime Pot Roast

We like to experiment in the kitchen, and we thought that a nice beef pot roast would be good, in this cold, wet, blizzardy, below-zero weather. So we got the crockpot out, took a frozen beef roast out of the freezer, and took our Craig’s Brisket Seasoning from the spice rack. Oh, and an onion […]

Grilling in the Heat!

We’re in the midst of some dangerous heat advisories, and few people around these parts want to fire up the oven or even the stovetop right now. Hot as it might be outside, it’s NEVER too hot to grill outdoors, and this weather is the perfect excuse – as if any of us needed an […]

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