BBQ Sauce by the Gallon!

When it’s time to buy more BBQ sauce, why bother buying those little bottles from the grocery store? We all know those don’t last very long, especially in the summer when grilling is at its peak! Our advice to all of you is to buy your barbecue sauce by the gallon, and what better place […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: None Better!

Boy, is it ever hot outdoors! This is the hottest, wettest July in many people’s memories! It can’t rain every day, though, and some of those clear, sunny days will be perfect for a cookout! No cookout is complete without some good barbecue, and nothing makes a barbecue good like Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Craig’s BBQ […]

Holiday Season Is On Its Way!

It’s almost Halloween, which means we’re just heading into official Holiday Season, and Holiday Season means it’s time to start laying in supplies for all those holiday meals, reunions, gatherings, and parties! Aaaaand, what’s any meal, reunion, gathering, or party without plenty of Texas Pepper Jelly products! Our pepper jellies, BBQ sauce, Rib Candies, etc, […]

It’s Too Hot; Use Your Crockpot!

It’s hot outside – way to hot to fire up the grill and way too hot to turn on the stove; it’s never, however, too hot for a crockpot. Crockpots don’t add to the heat of outdoors or indoors. Crockpots keep all the heat locked up inside where it belongs: with your food. Crockpots make […]

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork with Texas Pizzaz!

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork with Texas Pizzazz The details of what’s inside this crockpot this very minute – two hours before dinnertime – might not be graphic, but we don’t want to remove the lid at this point. We use the slow cooker all the time during these hot summer days; it’s practical, easy, and […]