Craig’s BBQ Sauce: None Better!

Boy, is it ever hot outdoors! This is the hottest, wettest July in many people’s memories! It can’t rain every day, though, and some of those clear, sunny days will be perfect for a cookout! No cookout is complete without some good barbecue, and nothing makes a barbecue good like Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Craig’s BBQ […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce – The Best in Texas!

 There are a lot of barbecue sauces out there – all kinds of store brands and name brands and restaurant specialties, and many of them are pretty good. There is only one barbecue sauce out there that is better than “pretty good,” though. The barbecue sauce that is superlatively delicious is Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Click […]

Crockpot Cooking: Top Three Advantages of This Easy Food Prep Style

Crockpot cooking with vegetables on a countertop readyfor use

Crockpot Cooking: Top Three Advantages of This Easy Food Prep Style If you’ve never tried crockpot cooking, you’re missing out. The food prep method makes life easier in so many ways. Crockpot (sometimes called slow cookers) devotees get it; they most likely have multiple crockpots (maybe even varying sizes of crockpots). We aren’t suggesting that […]

May is Barbecue Month!

It’s finally May, and the cold winter is over. With the spring comes the advent of barbecue season, so uncover that grill, clean it well, and let’s start cooking dinner in the back yard! Remember that when we are barbecuing our supper, we are working with fire, whether it be gas or charcoal. Be sure […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: Baked Oven Chicken

We had the yummiest dinner tonight! I took two frozen solid chicken breasts out of the freezer, put them in a small casserole dish, covered them with Craig’s BBQ Sauce and onion bits, covered the dish, and put it in a 350 degree oven for an hour and a half. (An hour if your chicken […]

A Crockpot Full of Ribs, Chicken, and Craig’s BBQ Sauce!

There are a lot of good barbecue sauce brands out there; some of them might even be called great barbecue sauce brands. Craig’s BBQ Sauce beats them all. These cold winter days, there’s nothing like coming home to the aroma of a crockpot full of barbecued ribs, or chicken, and that aroma will be even […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: Order Fast While It’s Still On Sale!

Craig’s BBQ Sauce, Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, is sweeping the nation, blowing judges away at barbecue contests, and it comes as no surprise. Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the most delicious, versatile barbecue sauce you’ll find anywhere, whether you search the grocery shelves for store bought sauce, or you’re waiting for your mom to call […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: Crockpot Whole Chicken!

Craig’s BBQ Sauce, which is winning awards all over Texas, is quite possibly the best barbecue sauce out there. It’s perfect on chicken, pork, beef, lamb. . . any kind of meat, really. And you can use it on any cut of meat, as well – ribs, steaks, hamburgers, whole chickens. . . . Craig’s […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce Presents: Meatballs at Midnight

I’m having a midnight snack, and you’ll be jealous when you get the details. Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, Craig’s BBQ Sauce, is flying off the shelves so fast, it’s hard to keep up! I’m not surprised, though; this is the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever tasted in my life – no comparison. Nothing else […]

Apricot Habanero and Meatballs? Mmmm, Delicious!

I have always made my (locally – very locally!) famous sweet & spicy meatballs by combining apricot jam, barbecue sauce, and pretty much most of the spices from my pantry’s “baking shelf.” Now I make my soon-to-be-famous – locally and beyond! – sweet & spicy meatballs another way. The best way. I use Texas Pepper […]