Football Food: Awesome Sandwiches!

Your hungry football couch quarterbacks are going to want some substantial food, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s thick, spicy meatloaf sandwiches are perfect! Everybody loves a meatloaf sandwich; we usually use leftover meatloaf, but why wait until the meatloaf is left over to make an awesome sandwich out of it? We love meatloaf sandwiches as we’re […]

Texas Pepper Jelly Enchilada Rollups

Enchiladas come in all flavors, most of them with at least a little bit of spicy hot goodness, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s Enchilada Rollups are no exception. The degree of hotness is determined by your choice of Texas Pepper Jelly product and flavors. I like to use my Pioneer Woman casserole dish; I think a […]