When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce?

When should you sauce with Craig's bbq sauce 10-15 min before end of cook image of timers and 21 oz bottle of sauce

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce? A question we get from a lot of beginner BBQ Fanatics is “when should I add the BBQ sauce?” The answer is simple, if you are using Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any store-bought sauce, we suggest adding it 10-15 minutes before the END of your cooking time. Because […]

Craig’s BBQ Sauce: Order Fast While It’s Still On Sale!

Craig’s BBQ Sauce, Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, is sweeping the nation, blowing judges away at barbecue contests, and it comes as no surprise. Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the most delicious, versatile barbecue sauce you’ll find anywhere, whether you search the grocery shelves for store bought sauce, or you’re waiting for your mom to call […]

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