Unbelievably Tasty Apple Pie Recipes

Apple pie with a bottle of milke and Texas Pepper Jelly products around it on a table

Unbelievably Tasty Texas Pepper Jelly Apple Pie Recipes There’s nothing like apple pie for dessert, is there? Actually, yes, there is. That statement should actually read, “There’s nothing like Texas Rib Candy™ Apple Pie for dessert, is there?”. Here are 5 apple pie recipes using a variety of our products, including Rib Candy. These simple […]

Texas Thanksgiving: Baste that Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Pepper Jelly One week – that’s all the time that’s left to plan for your Thanksgiving dinner! If your Texas Pepper Jelly order has arrived, and if it hasn’t, it will within the next few days, you’ve got the perfect turkey basting liquid. We have basted our turkeys with almost every […]

Overnight Crockpot Habanero Apple Butter!

The Easy Way to Make Your Own Apple Butter Apple butter is so good and so good for you, and now it’s so easy to make! With this recipe, you can use one kind of apple, or mix it up and use several different kinds. When we make it we try to use only one […]

Strawberry Jalapeno Applesauce

Recipes that are really quite simple are often the best kind. Sure, sometimes we need a more complicated process in order to end up with the results we want, but these very simple recipes can be really good. Our very simple strawberry jalapeno applesauce is one of those simple yet wonderful recipes. You can make […]

Add A Little Spice To That Cold Winter Meal!

Warm Up From The Inside Out With Texas Pepper Jelly January is always cold, but this January seems even colder; our winter meals need something spicy to help warm us up! Whatever kind of meat you have planned for any winter meal, a little (or a lot) of Texas Pepper Jelly will turn it into […]

Best Muffins You’ll Ever Eat

Our family loves muffins. We bet yours does, too. We experiment with muffin recipes all the time, but this week, we’ve found a classic muffin recipe WINNER that we’ll be making a lot. What’s better for a quick yet nutritious breakfast or a delicious snack than a couple of tasty muffins and a cup of […]

Texas Crockpot Apple Butter

It’s still really hot outside, and firing up the oven will just make your house fight with Mother Nature, so your crockpot is still a hot summer’s best kitchen friend! This recipe for Texas Crockpot Apple Butter is super easy and SUPER DELICIOUS, and your family will love it. I always begin this process right […]

Spicy Crockpot Bread Pudding

  The Easiest Spicy Crockpot Bread Pudding Ever Bread pudding has the reputation of being difficult to make, but nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you use your slow cooker! Not only is Spicy Crockpot Bread Pudding easy to make; it’s also absolutely finger-lickin’ delicious. It will also use up any stale […]

Spicy Apple Habanero Beef Stew

Beef Stew Prepared The Texas Way It’s almost October, and people are starting to remember all those hot and hearty soups and stews from last winter! There’s nothing like a thick, delicious crockpot stew to make an autumn supper perfect. Texas Pepper Jelly has a fabulous one, and we know your family will love it! […]