Spicy Cranberry Salad for Thanksgiving

Spicy Crunchy Cranberry Salad with Pecans Recipe Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what is Thanksgiving dinner without cranberries? A theme of this blog is that often the best recipes are also the simplest, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s recipe for Thanksgiving cranberry salad is super simple, super delicious, and full of spicy cranberry goodness […]

Texas Buffalo Dip

Football fans like their football food as much as they like their football teams, so let’s plan for some awesome football food! Easy-to-eat foods are best for those couch quarterbacks, and what’s easier to prepare and to eat than a good dip? Texas Pepper Jelly’s Texas Buffalo Dip is one of the best ones we’ve […]

The Aroma of Good Barbecue is Irresistible!

The Aroma of Good BBQ Is Irresistible It’s here. It’s finally here. Official grilling season has begun, and no matter what kind of neighborhood you live in, the aromas of outdoor barbecue have begun wafting into our senses. There is nothing like the scent of good barbecue to wake up your taste buds; just the […]

Texas Crockpot Apple Butter

It’s still really hot outside, and firing up the oven will just make your house fight with Mother Nature, so your crockpot is still a hot summer’s best kitchen friend! This recipe for Texas Crockpot Apple Butter is super easy and SUPER DELICIOUS, and your family will love it. I always begin this process right […]

Creamy Rib Candy Vinaigrette

On these hot summer days, there’s nothing that hits the spot like a cold salad; and no cold salad in the world has EVER sounded as good as this one from Texas Pepper Jelly CEO Craig Sharry! Here’s his advice to y’all: I was looking through the fridge today and decided to cook something cool […]

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