Autumn Means Spicy Texas Apple Pie

It’s autumn, and autumn brings many things. One of autumn’s best gifts are apples! There are so many things to do with apples, and spicy Texas apple pie is one of those. I always use Granny Smith apples for pie, but if there are a few other kinds of apples in the bowl, I’ll use […]

Overnight Crockpot Habanero Apple Butter!

The Easy Way to Make Your Own Apple Butter Apple butter is so good and so good for you, and now it’s so easy to make! With this recipe, you can use one kind of apple, or mix it up and use several different kinds. When we make it we try to use only one […]

Texas-Style Salmon Patties

We’re having salmon patties for supper tonight. This is one of my mother’s and my husband’s favorite suppers. I think it’s because they both like to munch the cold leftovers while they watch TV, but that’s probably more information than you wanted to know. 🙂 Yes, we invited Mom over for supper. The Wonderful World […]

Crockpot Applesauce? Yes, Please.

Who doesn’t like applesauce? Texas Pepper Jelly’s crockpot applesauce is the best you’ll ever eat – no exaggeration! Our applesauce recipe is versatile, too; you can change the flavor of the applesauce by changing the flavor of the pepperjelly you add to it! My family especially likes crockpot applesauce made with Apple Habanero pepper jelly. […]

A Feast of Fridays: Crock O’ Spicy Brats

The Texas Apple Jalapeno (or habanero) Pepper Jelly really makes this meal special. There’s nothing like a crock of spicy brats to perk everyone up on a rainy night.  It’s been raining here for five days, and the forecast says not to count on seeing any blue sky until after the weekend.  When it’s cold […]

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Spicy Pork and Apple Stew

Best Pork and Apple Stew Recipe You’ll Find You can make this wonderful stew on your stovetop, or in your crockpot! Spicy Pork and Apple Stew Ingredients: 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 pound lean pork stew meat (trim off as much fat as you can) (Any kind of pork will work; just cut it into […]

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