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How to Find BBQ Competitions

Who’s ready for some BBQ? If you raise your hand, you’re in luck. We’ve asked around, talked to our meat guys, and scoured the internet about the best ways to find local BBQ competitions or contests (as they are sometimes called) and a few notable national and international contests. We hope the following makes finding a barbeque event near you easier so you can get to watching the pitmasters craft their skill and enjoying the fare. 

What is a BBQ Competition?

Here’s a quick explainer for anyone new to BBQ competitions who may not be sure what they are or what they entail. A barbecue, BBQ, or barbeque competition is an event as a standalone or in conjunction with a festival in which individuals and/or teams compete for prizes and bragging rights in various categories, including chicken, pork, brisket, steak, sausage, and more. Even side dishes and desserts make the menu. There are rules each competitor must follow and a time limit to present their barbeque entries to a panel of judges who evaluate each submission on their appearance, taste, and tenderness before deciding on the winners. Many local BBQ competitions invite locals to judge the competitors, which would give you an in to trying great food for free. Remember, though, judge fairly!

Local Barbaque Competitions

Find a local BBQ competition if you’re looking for something fun to do nearby and you love barbeque. Spectators can watch chefs and cooks compete for honor and money. Some BBQ events allow competitors to share their food with attendees at a cost or for free.

National/International BBQ Competitions

National and international BBQ competitions bring the best-of-the-best from around the U.S. and the globe. While they may not be held in your neck of the woods, if you get the opportunity to attend one, we highly recommend it. 

We know you’ll be hooked once you experience a BBQ competition or contest. How do we know? Our very own Craig Sherry has won a few in his barbeque career. It is from his love of barbeque that Texas Pepper Jelly and its delicious products were born. If you find a great BBQ competition not on our list, be sure to share on our social media or via email: info@texaspepperjelly.com.

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