How About Some Peach Cranberry For Thanksgiving?

October is almost over, and November means Thanksgiving! It’s time to order some Texas Pepper Jelly products to help you with your Thanksgiving dinner – the preparation of it and the eating of it, both.

Thanksgiving means cranberries, and Texas Pepper Jelly has its delicious Peach Cranberry Rib Candy for sale. This is a seasonal product, so if you want some, you’d better order soon.

I like to brush some of this over my turkey before I place it in the bag and bake it. A few cranberries inside the turkey’s cavity and some Peach Cranberry Rib Candy brushed all over the outside of the turkey and you’ll have a turkey so delicious, people will still be talking about it in March!

Peach Cranberry Rib Candy Texas Pepper Jelly Brand

As with most of Craig Sharry’s Texas Pepper Jelly products, Peach Cranberry Rib Candy is perfect not only in the preparation of your food but also for the dipping of your food. Be sure there’s a dish of Rib Candy on the table so people can partake of it freely as they’re eating.

You’d probably better plan for several bowls of Rib Candy on your table; it’s good for raw vegetables, dinner rolls and any other kind of bread, for pouring over dressing and turkey, and for using on mashed potatoes in place of gravy.

Rib Candy – all of the flavors! – is a delicious and nutritious addition to any and every meal, no matter what’s on the table with it, and whether you’re using it with a big company dinner or just a snack.

Oh, heck, why not save yourself some time and trouble and just order a six-pack? Your family and friends will want that much anyway. And, as with all of Texas Pepper Jelly’s cases and bundles, YOU get to choose your flavors.